Olearia Caldera is in the Garda district of Valtenesi, a picturesque valley surrounded by morainic hills and stretches towards the shores of the south-western part of Lake Garda. The genesis of the territory, of glacial origin, and the climate, mitigated by the influence of the lake, have originated typically Mediterranean vegetation and created a favorable habitat for ancient crops such as vines and olives. A biologically long-lived tree plant, the olive tree also thrives in conditions of low water and nutrients but, like all plants, it benefits from deeper and fertile soils that allow to obtain qualitatively superior values.

The Lake Garda region, by far the northernmost area in Europe where olive trees cultivation extends, precisely because of its peculiar morphological and climatic characteristics, is considered one of the most valuable national sites to produce excellent extra virgin olive oils. The typical cultivars of the Benaco olive-growing scene – the Casaliva, Leccino, Frantoio and the experimental FS 17 – give birth to the finest Garda D.O.P. Bresciano extra virgin olive oil.

View of Punta Sasso Manerba del Garda

view of the gulf of Manerba del Garda

view from the Rocca di Manerba del Garda

Valtènesi view

view of the Valtènesi hinterland